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Our wines

Bibbona was the beginning of our wine making history and marked in a way our approach.

We are not far from Bolgheri (5 km) but the DOC Appellation of quality stops on the northern border of the medieval village. For this reason, the denomination of our wines is the general IGT Toscana.

According to a trading aspect, this is not an advantage of course as we have been suffering of lower visibility over the years, if compared to the Bolgheri DOC wineries.  Neverthless, we had much more freedom in relation to wine making decisions as the production code is less strict on the wine-making requirements.

We started with the traditional Bordeaux blending, then we managed to have a Cabernet Franc in purity and a Syrah in purity. Over the years our work has brought to the production of two wines with a DOC Bolgheri appellation of quality:

a DOC Bolgheri Red Wine and a DOC Bolgheri Vermentino.

Every wine is a different interpretation of the same winemaking vision.

Each of them has its perfect stage to perform on.

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