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Leopoldo primo di toscana
Leopoldo primo di toscana

Leopoldo I Granduca di Toscana

Our winery has been named after the famous Granduca Leopoldo I di Toscana, which is according to popular belief the enlightened sovereign of all times for our region.

His wise government managed to transform the values of his time indeed, paving the way for a historical turning point.

A land of bandits and swamps was transformed into a future terroir of great opportunities through avant-garde agricultural and political reforms.

To achieve this goal, he was inspired by innovative studies, ranging in different fields of the culture of his time. A decisive influence was the one of the quite unknown Salomon de Caus (1576-1626), a perspective scholar I have been always appreciating.

 On the labels of our wines you can find one of his preparatory study, which is also our logo company.

 Talking about our Denomination of quality, about the strength of our territory and our taste perspective, we are actually recalling all this great past as aware starting point for an increasing work.

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