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Impossible to avoid a brief description of such a great terroir.

Leopoldo I di Toscana's wines belong to a strategic viticultural area.

This is true for both microclimate and soil profile.

The area surrounding Bolgheri Appellation of Quality, which is the scenery of our work, has similiar characteristics to the official Appellation area as regards the rich soil composition. The outstanding character is the high degree of soil variability, referred to a restrained territory. The academic study dating back to the years 1993-1995 has classified 27 different soil compositions indeed.

 As regards our winery, we can say that our soils are composed of clay and sand, which are decisive characteristics for the production of structured red wines, intense and complex, with an amazing ageing potential.

Morover, the exposure of the vineyards to the sea influence is another crucial aspect affecting the specific conditions of the viticulture.

The popular belief about the negative influence of the sea on the vines has been denied as actually the stretch of water is able to create a powerful solar refraction on the vineyards and on the grapes. In addition to this, sea creates a constant ventilation useful to keep the vines dry and protected against any fungal disease. And  last but not least, sea winds have also an appeasing effect on the temperatue range and this is important to ensure the best sugar and phenolic grapes ripeness.

Every aspect of our terroir represents for this area a tile of the extraordinary Bolgheri  DOC patchwork.

Beauty and  Vocation are its key words, while its wine is somehow pure Poetry.

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