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Quoting a legendary Lord from Bolgheri, Duca Allone Bianco is a pure Vermentino from our vineyards inside the Bolgheri appellation of quality. It is a classical wine from our region, made up of a pure variety to give out all the fragrances, both the sweet and the green herbal hints from our scrublands, so close to the sea…so charming.


To produce a high quality white wine, we really need a serious technological expertise, and as for red wines, we have to care about the most accurate selection on the grapes. Harvesting is followed by destemming, then grapes are fermented in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature. Maceration lasts between two and four days and has the specific goal of retaining the varietal aromas of Vermentino, which represent the typical core of this terroir, the salty and sharp tastes of our scrublands.


Appellation: Bolgheri DOC Bianco

Vintage: 2016

Varietal Composition: Vermentino 100 %

Alcohol: 13,5 % by volume

Training System: Cordon Spur

Plantation Density: 7000 vines/ha

Yield: 110 q/ha

Maturation: In stainless steel tanks

Refinement: This is a ready to drink wine


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