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Named after Leopoldo I di Toscana’ s owner, D’ Aria is a red blend of three French grape varieties and has the appellation I.G.T. Toscana Red wine. Although it is not a Bolgheri DOC Red wine, it shares similar characteristics with this appellation of quality. It is a long ageing wine indeed. The old vintages that we are now proposing to our customers witness the high quality standard production of Leopoldo I di Toscana’s winery.


The accurate selection on the grape varieties is followed by destemming and gentle pressing of the grapes: we want the skins to open up so that the precious content of the berries comes out to form a liquid must. Fermentation happens in conical oak vats at a controlled temperature, for a period of about twenty two days. Must stays in contact with the grape skins and each variety is vinificated separately with a following period of maturation inside 80 hl oak barrels for seven months. The refining time in the bottle takes four months.


Appellation: I.G.T. Toscana Rosso

Vintage: 2013

Varietal Composition: Cabernet Franc 50 %, Merlot 40 %, Petit Verdot 10 %

Alcohol: 14 % by volume

Training System: Cordon Spur

Plantation Density: 7o00 vines/ha

Yield: 90 q/ha

Maturation: in 80 hl oak barrels for seven months

Refinement: in the bottle for four months


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