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From the Latin “Cautes” this name means “stone” and it is a clear reference to its original background soil, which is very precious and variable. It is rich of small rocks and thus suitable for a grape variety such as Cabernet Franc, here in purity. Cautes is produced from the Leopoldo I di Toscana‘ s vineyards, close to the Bolgheri Appellation of quality. The tasting experience shows all the fierce of a strong, introverted but charming variety.

Vinificazione e Affinamento

The great work of selection on the clusters and on the grapes is really important for a variety such as Cabernet Franc, which is famous for its delicate adaptability . During the harvesting season, the selective work is the priority, then the grapes are destemmed and gently pressed. The vinification process takes place inside conical oak vats at a controlled temperature for eighteen days. For this variety the maturation process inside 80 hl oak barrels, for twelve months, is really decisive and aims at smoothing the sharpest sensations of the wine. It takes place inside 80 hl oak barrels for twelve months, then undergoes a final four months refining period in the bottle.


Appellation: I.G.T. TOSCANA ROSSO

Vintage: 2013

Varietal Composition: Cabernet Franc 100 %

Alcohol: 14 % by volume

Training System: Cordon Spur

Density Plantation: 7000 vines/ha

Yield: 80 q/ha

Maturation: Inside 80 hl oak barrels for twelve months

Refining: In the bottle for four months


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